Women of the Old West Interview with Juliette Douglas

I had the honor of sitting down with Western Writer Juliette Douglas this past week. She just released a collection of her Freckled venom series and it is lighting up the Kindle Charts right now! A writer with great prose and even better dialogue. It was a pleasure to do this interview with her!

Thank you, Eric for having me!


1. When and why did you first fall in love with Westerns?

When I was a kid.

2. Who are your three favorite Western writers?

That’s tough. But favorites are anything Louis L’Amour, John D, Fie Jr, Craig Johnson.

3. Which Western do you wish you’d written? (Could be movie novel or television show)

I know this is weird, but none of them.

4. What is the most recent Western you’ve read? And what is the next on the reading list?

Right now, I am reading a local western author R. D. Gregory, Freedom Rides. I don’t know. I read a wide variety from cozy mysteries to cloak & dagger to westerns.

5. The “Desert Island” question.
What are your three favorite Western books? All the Sackett stories from Louis L’Amour.
What are your three favorite Western movies? The Sacketts of course, Monte Walsh, The Rare Breed

What person from Western Culture would you most like to sit on a park bench and talk to? Louis L’Amour

6. Of the books you’ve written, which is your favorite and why?

The Freckled Venom Series. It has grown now to 5 books and more characters are being introduced so it’s fun to play with that. Also, you never know who or what will show up or happen. Lot more stories to tell with The Freckled Venom Gang!

7. If you could go back in time, what would be the time and place in the Old West you’d like to have lived in for a year? 

The period I write about, mid 1870’s to 1889.

8. In your Freckled Venom series, you use a strong female as your lead, was she inspired by anyone in particular? Or a culmination of people? 

I really don’t know. That seems like a lame answer, but it’s true. I woke up with Lacy in my head one morning. Back then I didn’t have a computer or internet. But she kept growing in my mind. I decided to make her tough and a no-nonsense bounty hunter. And it must have worked as people like my unique stories and ask for more.

9. As a follow-up to the previous question; we see a lot of males in history get repeated books and documentaries (i. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday etc.) but when looking back there are a great number of strong women from the old west. Is there anyone in particular you would like to see get more attention in terms of books and documentaries?

Ahh…that’s a good question. In a general way, western movies tend to put women in secondary roles as backdrop filler. They never get into the why or how someone became a soiled dove, for instance. They never get into their inner being. There were a lot of strong women who tamed the west without a man, and they did it with grit, determination and guts without losing their femininity. A good western movie about women is needed, but the script needs to cover their inner feelings, their frustrations, their hopes & dreams and why they are the way they are. 

I’ve tried to do this with my books with strong women characters.  

10. What do you find helps you get into a good “zone” for writing? Do you have a ritual that you find help you contain writer’s block?

1. My brain won’t let go of a scene.

2. Quiet

3. My coffee or Pepsi.

11. If you could cast any actor/actress as a character from one of your books who would it be?

Angie Harmon as Mitch from Perfume Powder & Lead Holy Sisters. She has that comedic bent that would work for Mitch who is a hoot.

Lindsey Sterling as Lacy. She’s small, quick on her feet and determined.

12. Do you have a favorite Non-Western author? and do you draw from non-western influences?

I like Clive Cussler. And yes, I do. A lot of the same things occur throughout the ages. You could take the uproar of the miners striking in West Virginia in the 1890-1900 and transpose it into a western blow-up.

12. Can you tell us anything about your next book?

Freckled Venom Plum Dickens of a Christmas is set to arrive Thanksgiving week 2019.

It’s a reunion of sorts with characters from 4 previous books. It has about 10 different stories going on at the same time. (Something I haven’t done before) Lots of quirky personalities, humor, some action, shootout all the things that make a good western AND a Christmas story with a happy ending.

Also, that week, I will have a remake of Mistletoe & Horseshoes. New cover added content and totally re-editied

Thirdly, I will have my 2nd book published with Dusty Saddle Publishing, The Texas Gambler, another Christmas story coming out that week also.

So, folks will have a chance to pick up 3 Christmas stories in 1 week!

Me with two of Juliette’s bestsellers Bed of Conspiracy and the first book in the Freckled Venom Series, Copperhead

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